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  • My puppy absolutely LOVES going to the vet here and the staff is extraordinary! They're always friendly, caring and full of knowledge to share. It's refreshing to have a Vet who's patient enough to answer my thousands of questions and be joking and personable throughout the whole visit. Plus, my baby is growing healthy and strong from their care and gentle guidance.

    Kelsi Kesler

  • Dr. Josh told me today that his goal is for Premier Vet to be the best vet clinic in the country and I think he is well on the way to achieving this. My sweet pitbull has multiple staph lesions on his leg that began after an injury was bandaged which my vet was not helping me with other than telling me to "keep them dry, " even as they increased in size and number. Dr. Josh immediately diagnosed him with not only staph but demodex too, and prescribed a spray. He also told me what to do about the redness in my dog's paws, which had also not been addressed. My family has been using the same vet clinic for nearly 3 decades but in the past couple years mistake after mistake piled up, as well as multiple encounters with rude and inefficient desk staff. Everyone I interacted with at Premier has been extremely helpful and responsive, and Dr Josh spent so long talking to me and listening and answering all my questions. I called with a question after my dog's appointment was over and they got back to me immediately, and none of the times I've called have I been put on hold for a million years. My dog will be having a procedure soon to remove a bunch of little hemangiomas and I was thrilled to discover that Dr Josh uses a laser and my dog isn't going to be covered in stitches and staples like he was a year ago, when he had several removed, AND the doctor is going to be able to get all the small tumors before they turn into big ones, unlike last year when the other vet cut out just the big ones and now the smaller ones have enlarged. Plus he won't have the trauma to his system of going under full anesthesia. We are switching all our animals over to this clinic. Fortunately it is right by me but I'd definitely make the drive to get there if necessary! This dog is my baby and I finally feel some relief and security in his treatment plan.

    Shiraz Qaddoumi

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