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  • We came into contact with these amazing folks when our dogs Lucy and Poncho became sick in December/ January within days of each other during a holiday week. Out of the 11 vet offices I called they were the ones who had a spot open for new patients. we have old friends they were and are 15 & 14. They saw them and they got both of them better. They had shots there to get into a boarding facility, have cared for Poncho who had a leg injury and cared for Lucy at her end March 18 with such amazing care and concern not only for Lucy but for my husband and son who took her in to put her to sleep. Dr. Isabel I had seen the prior Monday for our other dog Poncho and when I asked questions about when do you know to make the final choice , she gave me the most sound advice on when I would know it was time. Her words gave me the knowledge and strength to know what I should do for Lucy when that moment came. I'm so thankful to every single person who helped our family get through the difficult time. they are amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone. We saw Dr. Isabel for a follow up appointment today with Poncho and the first question she asked was how are y'all doing? She told me how quickly Lucy went as I wasn't as strong as my son and husband to go and I sincerely appreciated she was the one who helped our fur family member. The staff from start to finish clearly care about your animals and you as well. That's HUGE. they understand not only your animal but people to. I pray I'm spelling Dr. isabels name Correctly , I'm telling you that lady is awesome. Poncho is one lucky old man/dog to be in their care. We as a family forever grateful. And for the folks complaining about a no show fee - get over it, their time is valuable and when you have an appt set and you don't show, your taking possible time away from others who need it. You should pay.
    Hollie G.
  • They provide a excellent care to the fosters for Friends of Rowlett Animals. Their staff is always willing to explain how to address any issues a foster may be having.
    Deana Seigler
  • 4.7 Google Rating