ProHeart Injection

"ProHeart Injections are the easiest and cheapest way to prevent heartworms and intestinal worms!" - Dr. Josh Cope


At Premier Vet Care Animal Clinic, we strongly recommend ProHeat 6 Injections for heartworm prevention. There are many medications out there that treat and prevent various parasites in dogs, including pills, chewables and topically applied liquids. But remembering to give those products every month can be challenging, even for the most well-intentioned and caring dog owners. A missed or delayed dose could put your dog at risk for heartworm disease. That’s why ProHeart 6 may put your mind at ease. With one injection, you protect your dog continuously for the next 6 months.


  • ·         Continuous protection

Non-stop protection, so you know your dog is safe from heartworm disease for 6 months after just one dose administered at our clinic.

  • ·         No monthly doses to remember

No more forcing heartworm pills and tablets down your poor dog’s throat and then worrying if it will vomit or spit it back up without you knowing. No more applying topical liquids every month and dealing with that grease stain on your dog’s back for a week or more.

  • ·         Peace of mind

Know that your dog is protected—especially in areas where infection is common (Texas!) and you have forgotten or have been late giving doses in the past.  


-FDA approved.

  • - Proven safe and effective in dogs- safe for pregnant and lactating females, breeding males, and ivermectin-sensitive collies.
  • -Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • -ProHeart 6 assures 6 months of protection from heartworm disease.
  • Use this in combination with Bravecto!
  • -Come in once every 6 months
  • -Get a ProHeart injection
  • -Leave with 2 Bravecto or 1 Bravecto and split in half
  • -Result= your dog is protected from heartworms, fleas, and ticks, for 6 months!


Heartworm disease is a serious, potentially fatal illness. This is why it's important to proactively protect your dog. In Texas, if your pet is not on heartworm prevention, it is not a question of "if" your pet will get heartworms, it is a question of "when" your dog will get heartworms.


The number of new cases of heartworm disease continues to rise.

  • ·         Infection is possible wherever there are infected mosquitos.
  • ·         Dogs that spend a lot of time outside during mosquito feeding periods may be particularly at risk. However, even dogs that are mostly indoors are at risk.
  • ·         Changes to the environment and natural climate conditions, as well as animals moving from high incidence states to other locations, have increased the potential for heartworm infection in more areas around the country.
  • ·         Unprotected, virtually 100% of dogs infected with heartworm larvae develop adult heartworms, especially in north Texas.


Compliance with heartworm preventives is low across all areas of the country. There are many challenges to effective heartworm prevention for dog owners. And unfortunately, a dog can become infected if just one dose of a heartworm preventive is missed or delayed. The chances of this happening are higher in areas where heartworm infection is prevalent like TEXAS**



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